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January 14, 2014


February Weekend, Scholarship Discounts, and More!

Scholarship for all Pilgrims!
With your help, we raised over $6,500 in our Scholarship Campaign!  Thank you for your generosity.    Appreciation letters will be mailed to all donors sometime this month. Although we didn't reach the $10,000 goal, we raised enough in this restricted fund to help every pilgrim, all priests and their spouses.  
Cursillo Leadership (Secretariat) has voted to use the Scholarship Fund to stipend every pilgrim application $50.  

Additionally, every priest and their spouse will receive a $75 stipend each.

(On team or as a pilgrim).

When you pay for your application fee, remember to subtract for the stipend.  
All team members still pay the full rate.

We hope to continue to grow the fund each year to provide greater financial support.  Palanca bags (pilgrims and teams) will include an appeal for scholarship funds this year, however the next annual campaign will be late 2015.
November 20, 2014
Cursillo is Growing!
In 2013, we had three weekends.  This year, we had four, and next year we will have five!  (See upper right corner of this page).
Why is this ministry growing in the Diocese of Texas?  There are a multitude of reasons, but one in particular we see are more churches using Cursillo to empower and equip their parish for ministry.  
Many of these churches are smaller, and as a result, have less funds to support their pilgrims on a Cursillo weekend.  For instance, several pilgrims from our most recent weekend required financial assistance.  In fact, most every weekend this year had pilgrims who needed financial assistance beyond their church.
To help reduce the costs for all pilgrims, we have established the "Cursillo Scholarship Fund". This is a restricted fund, and the monies collected can only be used to stipend pilgrims and clergy.  If we can raise $10,000 by December 31st, every pilgrim will receive a $50 stipend, and all clergy and their spouses will go for free!
Follow this link (MakeADonation)  to contribute online, and pay forward the blessing of Cursillo.  Alternatively, you can download this form (EDOTScholarshipCampaign2014) and mail your check to our Treasurer.  Make the check payable to Cursillo and put "Scholarship" in the note field.
Thank you for your support.  And remember Christ is Counting on You!
John Ahrens
Lay Director

July 4, 2014

Cursillo's 70th Anniversary is this August!

What would Bonnin do today?

According to a new ground-breaking and scholarly study on the Cursillo Movement titled "Cursillos in America..." by Kristy Nabhan-Warren, the first 3-Day Weekend was August 19-22, 1944.  (Coincidentally, our next Weekend is just a few days earlier!)  Eduardo Bonnin Aguil? developed the Cursillo weekend from the week-long Catholic Action program.  He believed that there should be a program, under authority and supervision of the church that would empower lay-people to change lives and communities for Christ.  Just like today, Bonnin's Cursillistas would be motivated by the Holy Spirit; not by fear to conform.  These non C.A. Cursillo Weekends were meant to be "adapted to today's world".  

Think how much has changed over the past 70-years and ask yourself:

 If the Cursillo movement started today, "What would Bonnin do?"

Cursillo in the Diocese of Texas has directly touched over 9,400 souls, and countless other friends, families, and co-workers.  God loves the Cursillo Weekend just as much today as in the beginning.  You know how I know?  

God always shows up!  Here first-hand testimony from some of the Cursillistas of #243 held at the new Lakeside venue at Camp Allen.

Connect with God

Create a Christ-Centered Rule of Life

As you know, the Weekend is just a starting-point.  God did not create Cursillo to give us a mountain-top experience for 3-days.  He created Cursillo to help us draw Him near, and to create an intentional practice of piety, study, and apostolic action — in essence, a Christ-Centered Rule of Life!  That's why we meet in Group Reunion -- to share and support others as they live into their Rule of Life.  Do you need a Cursillo Rule of Life card?  Send me an e-mail, and I'll mail you one.   

In future communication you will see this new logo to help all of us remember why God created this movement. 

But, I digress, back to the question at-hand:

"If the Cursillo movement started today, "What would Bonnin do?"

I can assure you that your Cursillo leadership (Secretariat) has this question at the forefront.  In the past year-and-a-half, they have:
-Streamlined the communication system.
-Revised the weekend schedule to be more sponsor-friendly.
-Published the first edition of "Cursillo News" our new quarterly-ish Newsletter.
-Adapted the weekend to the Lakeside/Cabin venue.

Now they are in the process of:
-Launching a new online registration system.
-Developing a new website to better serve the Cursillo
-Addressing the financial and time obstacles associated with Cursillo — in order to allow a larger group of Episcopalians in the Diocese of Texas to have a Christ-Centered Rule of Life.  

 And to that I say "Ultreya!"

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please e-mail me at:
John Ahrens
Lay Director
Cursillo in The Episcopal Diocese of Texas

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February 17, 2014

First Lakeside Cursillo!
This weekend marks our first time to use the new Lakeside Meeting Center and the cabins on Lake Coffield at Camp Allen.  The cabins give a homey feel to the Weekend.  

Sponsor-Friendly Weekend Format

We have made some changes to allow Sponsors an easier transit to/from Camp Allen.  This will be especially helpful for those who have long distances to cover.

• Thursday night dinner with Sponsors, Pilgrims, and Team.  The team will provide a light dinner and some music before sponsors leave for home.
• Palanca bags will be distributed on Saturday night by the Team.  
• As a result, there is no Las Mananitas event on Sunday morning.  Sponsors should arrive no earlier than 3pm for Sunday Clausura at 4pm.  Many of you will now be able to sleep in and attend an early church service at home before coming to Camp Allen.

Special thanks to the Lakeside Committee (in no particular order) who spent several weekends reviewing numerous details to prepare for the new venue:  Patsy Thomson (chair), The Rev. Reid Morgan, The Rev. Nan Doerr, Jane and Neal Nielsen, Linda Leach, Sharon Patterson, Peggy and Steve Ryder, Nancy and Robert Wren, Christina McDonald, and Martha Polasek.

New Newsletter!
We now have restarted the Newsletter and plan to publish quarterly.  You can download a copy here.  Thanks to Eric Sawyer (Hope Episcopal) for taking on the responsibilities as editor and publisher.  If you have any comments, questions, or article submissions please contact him at edotcursillonews@gmail.com.

New Videos!
What is Cursillo?  Why should I go?  We are in the process of recording video testimonials to help answer those questions.  You can see them 
Please share the link with others.  You may post them on your church's website, or contact me for higher resolution copies for other uses.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact me at ahrensjd@gmail.com.


August 6, 2013

The Workshop:
Sept 27-28, 2013
Flyer & Registration:
St. Martin's Episcopal, Houston

Two years ago, I attended a workshop at the National Episcopal Cursillo Conference.  Over the day-and-a-half, I learned how to use the Cursillo Method to strengthen parish communities, and thereby the Episcopal Church.  To me, it was as mind-blowing!  As much as when I made my Cursillo Weekend, #203 in 2004.  Last year, I was one of the presenters; and again, I witnessed experienced Cursillistas become energized and empowered to grow their Church.   It was just like they made their Cursillo Weekend again.  
The Episcopal Cursillo Leaders Workshop is always presented at the National Conference, but only two or three Dioceses a year are able to organize the workshop locally.  It takes a dedicated local leadership (including an active Secretariat) and the financial resources to bring an outside team (including travel and accommodations) to the Diocese.  Diocese of Texas Churches active in Cursillo will contribute at least half the cost, so that will allow us to provide registration for $75 per person.  
We highly recommend you have an NEC Library (one per couple).  You can purchase one with registration for $35 ($5 off of the national price).  Also, we will have a limited supply of host families available for those traveling outside the Houston area.
Topics discussed include:
The Church, Fourth-Day First, Servant Community, Group Reunion, Ultreya, Pre-Cursillo, Personal Contact Technique, Rule of Life, Sent into the World, and more.
 We recommend that you Register Online.   For more information or to register by mail, see the flyer/registration form.  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact me at ahrensjd@gmail.com.

March 15, 2013


My name is John Ahrens  your Lay Director of the Cursillo Movement in the Diocese of Texas for the next two years.  I am truly humbled (and blessed) to lead this movement at this time. 

I believe this will be an exciting time for the Cursillo Movement and for the Episcopal Church in this Diocese.   However, to make that happen will require all of us leading and dedicating ourselves to grow Christ-Centered Leaders. 

 The Cursillo Pilgrimage

-It starts when we accept the invitation and register to go to a Cursillo Weekend.

-The transformation begins on our Cursillo Weekend.

-Our transformational walk continues on our 4th Day.

 Better stated theologically,

the Cursillo experience is a Spiritual Pilgrimage.

 So at our March meeting of the Secretariat, we changed what we will call those who register (“Candidates”), and those who are on their Weekend (“Participants”), by one name. - “Pilgrims”. 

 Of course, once the familiar Cursillo Cross is placed on their neck and they proclaim that “I am Counting on Christ”, they are “Cursillistas.

This is not something revolutionary. Nationally, this terminology is used in many Dioceses already:  Atlanta Georgia, Alabama, South and Western North Carolina, Southwest Florida, Central Florida, East Carolina, just to name a few. 

 A Mustard Seed

Changing terminology might seem like a small step towards the goal of revitalizing the Cursillo movement.  I agree with you that this step is no larger than a mustard seed.  But we believe this small change is integral to remind us of what God asks of the Cursillo Movement.  You will see this change reflected in the electronic and paper registration materials.

 Be bold and e-mail me!

In addition to asking for your prayers for my tenure, and that the Cursillo Movement serve the Church and His people, I ask that you not be shy in communicating with me.  My e-mail address can be found elsewhere in this post and here


Let us go forth to:

-Strengthen the Cursillo message

-Grow Christ-Centered Leaders

-Strengthen the Episcopal Church

-And change lives for God in Christ!





January 20, 2013   

Dear Fellow Cursillistas,

My 2-year term as your Lay Director is coming to an end with the conclusion of the Diocesan Council in February. It has been a great privilege to serve each of you and the Cursillo movement in our diocese as your Lay Director. My Cursillo blessed me 30 years ago and what I gained from that weekend has shaped the years since. Taking the prayer of Jabez to heart, I have tried to be a blessing to others ever since. But I know I am always blessed by others more than I can be a blessing to them. I am blessed to be a part of the life of Cursillo in the great Diocese of Texas.

As I finish out this term, I want to remind you once again, that no matter when you made or make your Cursillo, the weekend is an introduction to the Cursillo method of living out our baptismal vows – a method of living our lives that brings us closer to Christ so that He may truly be the Lord of our lives. The Cursillo weekend is not the beginning and the end … it is only the beginning. Your Fourth Day, the living out the commitment you make during the weekend is what Cursillo is really about. Please share the love you received on your weekend with those God places in your path. He is counting on you.

At Diocesan Council our Lay Director-Elect, John Ahrens, will become the new Lay Director and he and your dedicated and hard-working members of the Secretariat will continue to work to make every Cursillo weekend The Best Cursillo Ever. Because the weekend is the beginning they are dedicated to helping you live out the Fourth Day but they cannot force you to join or create a Reunion Group, or attend Ultreyas, or sponsor new Cursillistas, or come to Clausuras, or support Cursillo financially, or pray for Cursillos throughout the world. All of that is completely up to each of us, individually. But each member of the Secretariat, individually, and all of them collectively is working to help you do that. Call on them for help in whatever you need to help you live into YOUR Fourth Day.

As we continue to seek God’s will in all things Cursillo, we can all be in prayer for those people God brings to our minds and hearts: People making their own Cursillos and the teams of Cursillistas who make those weekends happen; People trying to sort out their lives after fires and storms in our diocese and in many other places in the nation and the world; People throughout the world who do not have access to clean water or food; People who live in refugee camps and in the midst of war; People who live out their lives alone and forgotten in nursing homes as well as the people who care for them; People in the military; People who run our government and make our laws; People in hospitals and people who need medical care but have no access to it; People who mourn the tragic loss of those they love; People who suffer from mental illness and those who love them; People fighting all kinds of cancers and diseases. The list goes on and on. But if we lift our voices to God and do our part, the world can become a better place and people everywhere can become all that God has created each of us to be. 

In addition to all of these concerns and many others known to each of us individually, I have a specific prayer request. Our beloved Diocesan Spiritual Advisor (and new Rector of St. John’s, LaPorte), Fr. Reid Morgan, has just been diagnosed with a large tumor on his thyroid that has grown down into his chest. Please add his name to every prayer list you know and pray fervently and unceasingly for God’s complete healing of all things amiss in his body and for the peace of God that passes all understanding for Reid, his wife Marie, and his adult children as they walk this journey. As they do so, we walk with them for it is what we do as Cursillistas, as Christians who work side by side and walk hand in hand through the journey of life, wherever it may lead… calling out, ULTREYA!, as we encourage each other to continue onward and upward!

And so, my dear friends, I will be closing out my term, as I began it, calling out, Ultreya! as we continue our respective journeys toward the goal to which God calls us. May we all be blessed so that we may be a blessing to others!


Patsy Thomson

Christian Community in Action – November 2012

Calling for Hurricane Sandy Relief and Prayers

The Right Reverend George E. Councel, Bishop of the Diocese of New Jersey wrote on the Diocesan Website,

Sometimes people look at a natural disaster and ask the question, "Where was God?" I believe that a better question to raise is, "Where was the Church?" The Church is us. In this most difficult moment for so many in our Diocese, state and region, may all see the Church of Jesus Christ at work through us, giving loving service and living hope to all.

These communities are on a journey not of their choice…victims of an unprecedented act of nature and unable to extricate themselves without help from many sources. And theirs is not simply a physical journey; it is a spiritual one.    

Although we are far away, there is much we can do to help:

·       Financially:  Contribute to the Episcopal Relief and Development Fund or to the Red Cross.

·       Spiritually:  Corporately, the DOT Secretariat will partner our diocese’s churches with those in the afflicted areas.  Our desire is to cover these people with prayer in the form of palanca.  Your parish contacts will be getting information about the parish you can adopt and how palanca can best be delivered.

·       Individually, we can reach out through e-mails, Twitter, and Face Book once electricity is restored.  We could even make some personal phone calls. 

They reside in Provinces I, II, III, IV, and V which encompass 25 dioceses of the Episcopal Church. Including the six Episcopal dioceses of the State of New York, (Albany, Central New York, Long Island, New York, Rochester and Western New York}, the two Episcopal dioceses of the State of New Jersey, (Newark and New Jersey), the Episcopal dioceses of Connecticut, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Maryland, New Hampshire, Ohio, East North Carolina, the 4 dioceses in Pennsylvania, the 2 dioceses in Massachusetts, the 4 dioceses in Virginia,  and the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti, as well as the Anglican Dioceses in all these states.  I promise you that there are no words that adequately describe the reality of what they see, smell, hear, and feel.  Unless you have been there, you cannot truly know.

This support will be needed not only just for this Thanksgiving and this Christmas; but for the 3-4 years following, it will still be the major element in the daily lives of all these people.  Each of us needs to listen intentionally to His answer when we ask, “What would You have me do.”  In doing so, we will encourage others in their own spiritual growth as well as ourselves.


The Right Reverend George E. Councel goes on to say,

Let us bear witness to our conviction that "Today, God is First" (TGIF) by sharing the following prayer, adapted from a prayer of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Gracious God, you are our refuge and strength, a very present help in time of trouble.

In the face of Hurricane Sandy, all storms and natural disasters, reveal your presence

and make known your power so that all may know your healing, hope, and love.

As one Body on earth, bound together by your grace, inspire us to pray faithfully,

work courageously,

and give sacrificially

for the relief of all those who suffer.

All which we pray for your tender mercies' sake.


Frederick Buechner wrote, “ In his holy flirtation with the world, God occasionally drops a handkerchief. These handkerchiefs are called saints.”

Let us all be God’s handkerchiefs to those who are suffering.


July, 2012

Dear Cursillista or About-to-Be-Cursillista or Person-Just-Checking-Us-Out,

Welcome to the Texas Episcopal Cursillo Website.  I am so glad you dropped in!  Your Secretariat is hard at work bringing things up-to-date… so busy that I never seem to get to updating this section of the website! 

We have made some changes that we hope will have more of our current Cursillistas involved in teaming a weekend and will speak to our about-to-be’s and encourage them to become active right away!  The weekends are still working…. New Cursillistas are just as excited about THE BEST CURSILLO EVER as they were 10, 20, 30 years ago.   But they are not always returning home to active communities in their own parishes.  We want to change that so that the Fourth Day everywhere is a vibrant part of each parish and new Cursillistas know how to get involved the very next day after returning home!  

Our teams are now composed of a pair of Convocations with the goal being to share the team experience and to encourage Convocations that have become less active.   This also allows every convocation the opportunity to participate on a team EVERY YEAR instead of every other year.   I encourage you to complete a Team Application found on the website and submit it to your Convocational Rep or send it directly to the  Secretariat! 

All Cursillistas are invited to participate in Mananitas AND we are wanting more to participate in the Agape.  You know, it is hard to tell you about this and not give too much information to anyone just looking for a way to sign up to make their Cursillo…  So I guess the best way is for you to contact me if you are interested in doing either of these things!!  My e-mail is pjthrt@aol.com

We are also interested in what you have to say about ways to make anything and everything better, so please feel free to contact me or anyone else on the Secretariat with any ideas you have.  We have talked about having a great big party at Camp Allen…. But maybe it would be better to just party in our own convocations first.   I and John Ahrens, the Lay-Director-Elect,  as well as several other members of the Secretariat would love to come to your Ultreyas.  If you would like for us to come, please invite us and tell us where and when…. You know they are rather secret meetings when we don’t know about them!!  We would love to post them on the website for everyone to be able to come!

Every Convocation is to have a Representative and a Contact person on the Secretariat, but we have a few convocations (Southwest and Central, to name just a couple) who do not have anyone.  Please help us and your Convocation by volunteering to be a part of the on-going efforts to revitalize ourselves.  We need you.  Jesus is counting on YOU. 

So…. Now I have updated this small piece of our website…lf no one sends me an e-mail at the above address, it will be a sure sign that no one is reading my little epistles and they don’t need updating!!!

Seriously, my fellow pilgrims on the journey, let’s make this the best year yet by doing whatever it takes to share the joy and the methods of Cursillo that have helped us grow in Christ.  Have you made a friend, been a friend, and brought a friend to Christ this week?  Have you been to your Reunion Group… do you even have one?  Have you sponsored anyone to Cursillo?  Have you helped to pay someone’s way?  All of us need to be doing all of these things.  Our next Cursillo is just around the corner and we need YOU to be sure the team that is ready and waiting has candidates with whom they can share the good news of Christ and the Cursillo method and we need YOU to welcome them back home with open arms and Reunion groups ready to go.  So, check the dates and find your friend… right away.  Don’t let time and opportunity pass you by. 

I look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you at Clausura in August and November.


Patsy Thomson

Lay Director

163rd Diocesan Council Journal Report for Cursillo
Patsy Thomson, Lay Director

October 2011: NEC Conference blog  to give you some flavor of the conference.

By John Ahrens:   necconf2011.blogspot.com/


June, 2011

Ultreya! One and All

What a joy it is to serve you as the 2011-2012 Lay Director for the Diocese!  You truly have a wonderful group of Cursillistas serving you on the Secretariat.  With 2 meetings behind us, we have begun to put together a plan of action to revive Cursillo within the Fourth Day Community while at the same time providing support for Cursillo Teams in place and poised to present “The Best Cursillo Ever” to the friends you have made and are sending to the Weekends.  This group of fellow travelers is committed to contributing to the health of Cursillo in the Diocese of Texas but none of us individually or collectively can do that without the support of the entire Fourth Day Community….and that includes YOU. 

No matter when you made your Cursillo, each of you promised to follow the Cursillo plan for your spiritual growth and the growth of Christ’s kingdom.  You heard the call and learned that Christ is Counting on You.  If Cursillo is to continue to provide leaders within this diocese, God intends to use you… your commitment, your energy, your hands, your feet, your mind, your heart, your spirit…. Your time, talent, and treasure are all required.  Have you been doing your part?

It starts with your conscious choice to pray, study, and act on what He calls you to do.  It includes a commitment to Reunion EVERY week… to make a plan and follow through. Your presence is needed at Ultreya AND at Clausura.  Your efforts to make a friend, be a friend, and bring your friend to Christ should also include truly sponsoring people for a weekend AND getting them settled into a Reunion Group as well as getting them to an Ultreya, when they return.  And it includes your financial support to pay for others to make their Cursillos.  If everyone gives some, no one is left with the entire burden of the cost of the weekend.  Start a Cursillo fund at your church, make a pledge on the Diocese of Texas Cursillo website, have a fund raiser that enables anyone who wants to go to be able to go.

Your Secretariat is willing to help you … Are you willing to do whatever it takes to re-create a healthy Fourth Day Community?  Once upon a time, that question was not even considered much less voiced because it was unthinkable that each one would not contribute to a healthy Fourth Day.

Please send me or your convocational representative an e-mail about the state of Cursillo in your parish and what you would like to see happen not only in your own parish, but also in the diocese.  Tell us what you think we could do to help you in your Fourth Day.  I look forward to hearing from you!  In the meanwhile, I hope to see you at Clausura this summer!


Patsy Thomson

Cursillo Lay Director, Diocese of Texas


My two year term as your Lay Director of Secretariat for The Diocese of Texas, is quickly coming to a close.  At Council, a new Lay Director will be voted in and will take the helm of EDOT's Fourth Day Community.
It has been my heart-felt honor and privilege to serve you in this capacity, and I feel we have moved forward in bringing Cursillo to more Episcopalians, and I hope Making Friends, Being  Friends, and Bringing Our Friends to Christ and to the Episcopal Church.  I know we have trained many new leaders as I see them in all places of service in our church.
We, on Secretariat, have a committee in place looking at ways to up-date, and/or refresh Cursillo, but still staying faithful to The Authentic Three Day Weekend.  More will come about that as your new Lay Director moves forward with these committee folks.  We have cut the contracts with Camp Allen to 22 candidates per weekend as opposed to 42 and have been able to keep the Secretariat in the black and keep current with Camp Allen and all our other obligations as a result of this cost-saving step.  We continue to work on ways to be good stewards of your contributions.
I encourage you, if you are able, to make a donate to Cursillo; any amount will be greatly appreciated!  There is a provision on this website to allow you to do that through PayPal and these donations are put to good use, many times providing a scholarship to someone who truly wants to attend a Cursillo weekend or work on a Cursillo team, but cannot afford to do so on their own.  It also helps provide food for the campsite weekends.
My prayer for all of you is that you will all stay active in your reunion groups, or if you are not currently in a reunion group you will get in one...that you will find like minded friends who will support you in your walk with Christ and help you maintain your rule of life.  And please attend Ultreyas, whether parish or convocational or both.  These activities nourish you and help you stay focused (to say nothing of being just plain good old fashioned FUN!).
It's been a wonderful two years (and seven before on Secretariat prior to being Lay Director)
and I cherish all the new friends I have made along the way, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and prayers.
May God Bless You!

Carol McCauley
Lay Director, Secretariat
The Diocese of Texas 


Blessed Advent, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
This is such a wonderful time of the year!  Yes, I know that it's often hectic, with all the things we try to cram into such a short period of time:  parties, luncheons, dinners with friends, card writing, gift buying, wrapping & sending; but please remember to be waiting with great expectation for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  After all, this is all about Him!  He truly is the "reason for the season" and we need to give Him this time in our hearts and in our minds, and share His love with others.  That is the most important thing we can do, and as we calm down and put our minds on Him, the stress of the hectic rush of the day seems to melt away.
It is my wish that as we share Jesus with our friends, we may think to invite them to Cursillo as a gift next year.  It has been for me, a gift that just keeps on giving!  I'm so very thankful for my sponsor, Charlotte Wacker, for insisting that Ray & I go to Cursillo, even though my excuse was....but we're closing on a new house and moving the Monday after the Cursillo is over, and we just don't have time.  She convinced me that we needed to "make time" and she won and drove us to Camp Allen on a cold, rainy night in February, 1999.  It was one of the best times of my life and I'll always love her for caring that much for us!
Ray and I are blessed to have wonderful friends all over The Diocese of Texas, and even all over the United States, and as far as The Bahamas.  These are special friends that we would never have known if we hadn't gone to Cursillo, and followed up with reunion groups, Ultreyas, Clausuras, by serving on teams, and serving others on teams in one fashion or another; serving on Secretariat and going to a National Cursillo Conference.
 I give thanks for each one of you who have touched my life through Cursillo, and look forward to all the new friends I will meet through Cursillo in 2011.
Ultreya, and Christmas blessings to each and every one of you!
Carol McCauley
Lay Director, Secretariat
The Diocese of Texas 


DeColores Dear Friends,

Has anyone noticed that Cursillo weekend #230 is quickly approaching? As of Tuesday October 12, 2011, we  have not ONE PERSON signed up to attend!  All you Secretariat members please get in touch with your convocations to see if you can generate some enthusiasm.  We have a team, ready to go and to have "The Best Cursillo Ever!"  but they need candidates!  They need our help!!
All you Cursillistas, please sponsor someone to this wonderful Cursillo weekend.  It's the most beautiful time of year to be at Camp Allen.  The weather is just perfect for a campsite weekend and if you've ever talked to anyone who has made a campsite Cursillo, they wouldn't have been there at any other time...the experience for them was amazing. 

We all know someone who would benefit from Cursillo, so please ask them if they would like to go in November.  This is also the least expensive way to attend a Cursillo weekend.  The campsite weekends are only $125 per person, so it's an affordable way to go and commune with nature and learn of God's love, and a path to follow for life of Piety, Study and Action!
We CAN fill this weekend!  Nothing is impossible with Jesus Christ as Head Man in Charge, so ....Let's do it!
Your Faithful Servant in Christ,

Carol McCauley
Lay Director, Secretariat
The Diocese of Texas 

Reminder to all Cursillistas who are sponsoring a candidate to this (or any other) Cursillo weekend:

After Mananitas at Camp Allen on Sunday morning, you are ALL invited to come up to Navasota to St. Paul's Episcopal Church on McAlpin Street to worship and then stay for a homecooked breakfast!  This is palanca to YOU, from the Cursillistas at St. Paul's.  They have been doing this service of love to us for many years, and recently fewer and fewer sponsors have come up to join them for this wonderful breakfast.  They asked us to invited you to please join them Sunday morning, August 29th for Eucharist and breakfast/brunch.  It's worth it.  We've been many times and are never disappointed.  It's just a ten or fifteen minute ride from Camp Allen.  Just go north on 362 to 105, turn left and go into the city of Navasota.  The Episcopal Welcome Sign will direct you to St. Paul's, down 105 and on the left.
See you Sunday at Camp Allen!

August is here and with it the "dog days of summer" (whatever that means!).  Hope you are all enjoying your summer with relaxation and renewal.  It's so hot one can hardly stand to be outside, so this summer I've spent a lot of time reading.  I've enjoyed a series of books by Francine Rivers called Sons of Encouragement about five men who supported the men we hear most about, Aaron for Moses; Silas for John; Caleb for Joshua; Amos; and one I have yet to read.  I'm also reading a book about Islam to help me understand the differences we as Christians experience when dealing with those of the Muslim faith.  Since it's been too hot for me to engage in outdoor activities this July and August, I've taken advantage of this time to "Study", one of the legs of the tripod of our Cursillo Rule of Life.  Another great book is "Same Kind of Different as Me!"  If you read nothing else this year, read this one!  It is a true story and an amazing one that touched my heart!
August is also the time for our third Cursillo of this year, Cursillo #229, The Cursillo of Humility and Love.  Please support this team and the candidates you will send with your daily prayers and with little notes of palanca.  Cursillo #229 will be held at Camp Allen in the Conference Center beginning Thursday evening, August 26th and ending with Clausaura in the All Saints Chapel at 4:00pm, Sunday, August 29th.  Please plan to attend this event to welcome our newest Cursillistas into our Fourth Day Community.  That's action!
Which leaves piety, and since this is Sunday morning when I'm writing this, I'm getting ready to leave for church.  Hope you all can find a church, even if you're on vacation, to give you the Spiritual nourishment your soul needs for this wonderful Walk With Christ!
Yesterday someone posted something on FaceBook that I would like to leave you with:
"We are not human beings having a spirituial experience.  We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience."
Carol McCauley
Lay Director, Secretariat
The Diocese of Texas
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